User Modes

Revision 1.20

Red denotes a conflicting numeric definition, gray for deprecated (however quite possibly still in use), and blue for OK.

Mode Name Origin Server On Server Off Parameter Comments
a AWAY RFC2812 Y Y User is away (see AWAY command?)
a SERVICES_ADMIN Bahamut, Unreal User is a services administrator
a ADMIN Hybrid Admin status. Shown as an admin in WHOIS, able to load and unload modules, and see IP's in STATS c
a ERRORS AustHex User receives all errors and alerts
A SERVER_ADMIN Bahamut, Unreal User is a server administrator
b BOTS Hybrid User receives information about potential bots/drones
b CHATOPS Bahamut, Unreal User receives CHATOPS messages
B BOT Unreal User is a bot/drone
c CLIENT_CONNS Hybrid User receives information about clients connecting/disconnecting
c COMMON_CHANS InspIRCd Other users must be in a common channel before being able to PRIVMSG this user.
C CO_ADMIN Unreal User is a co-administrator
d DEAF ircu User does not receive channel messages
d DEAF User does not receive channel messages unless they are prefixed with a specific character (usually '!' ?). This is an extension of the ircu '+d'
d DEBUG Hybrid, Bahamut User receives debugging messages
D DEAF Hybrid?
e EXTERNAL Hybrid? User receives information about servers connecting/disconnecting
f FULL Hybrid User receives notices about I-lines being full, or too many clients in general
f FLOODS Bahamut User receives flood notices
F REMOTE_CLIENT_CONNS Hybrid? User receives information about remote clients connecting/disconnecting
g DEBUG ircu User receives debugging messages
g CALLERID Hybrid User is ignoring everyone, unless they are ACCEPTed with the ACCEPT command
g GLOBOPS Bahamut User receives GLOBOPS messages
G CENSOR InspIRCd Censors messages based on the network config file.
G STRIP_BAD_WORDS Unreal Messages user receives are stripped of profanity
G SOFTCALLERID Hybrid User is ignoring everyone they are not on common channels with, unless they are ACCEPTed with the ACCEPT command
h HELPER Bahamut, AustHex Y User is a HELPER, associated with network services
h HELPOP ircd-seven User has marked themselves available for help, listed in the output of /stats p
H HIDE_OPER Unreal Hides oper status from users (i.e. whois)
i INVISIBLE RFC1459 User is invisible
I HIDECHANS InspIRCd Hides all channels the user's in from WHOIS.
I INVISIBLE_JOINPART Unreal User is invisible when joining/parting channels. This is supposedly obsolete as of UnrealIRCd 3.2 beta 16
j REJ Hybrid? User receives notices about rejected clients
k SERVICE ircu User is a service (cannot be KILLed or KICKed from channels, and WHOIS output is usually limited)
k KILLS Hybrid, Bahamut User receives KILL notices
l LOCOPS Hybrid User receives LOCOPS messages
l LISTALL AustHex User can list all channels (including hidden ones)
n NCHANGE Hybrid User sees client nick changes
n ROUTING Bahamut User receives routing messages
N NETWORK_ADMIN Unreal User is a network administrator
m SPAMBOTS Bahamut User receives notices about (potential) spambots
o GLOBAL_OPERATOR RFC1459 User is a network-wide or 'global' operator
O LOCAL_OPERATOR RFC2812 User is a server-wise or 'local' operator
O HELPER ircd-seven User is an operator with limited powers, can only set umode +h and receive operwalls
p HIDE_CHANNELS Unreal Hide channels from user's WHOIS reply (will suppress RPL_WHOISCHANNELS)
p OVERRIDE Charybdis User can send to, join, and execute commands on channels regardless of any modes that would normally prevent them from doing so.
q KIX Unreal Only U:liners/arbiters can kick this user
q QUIET Hybrid? Hides idle and signon time from user's WHOIS reply
r RESTRICTED RFC2812 Y Y Restricted user connection
r REGISTERED Bahamut, ircu Y Y Nickname is registered with a network nickname service
r REJ Hybrid User receives notices about rejected clients
R NO_NON_REGISTERED Bahamut, Unreal Y Y User wants to block messages from non-registered nicknames
s SERVER_NOTICES RFC1459 User receives server notices. RFC2812 considers this mode obsolete, however it is still in very wide-spread use.
s SERVER_NOTICES ircu Mask integer User receives server notices, and can opt in/out of particular notice types by supplying the optional mask as an integer
s SERVER_NOTICES Unreal Notice mask list User receives server notices. The notice masks are normally a list of letters corresponding with specific notices the user wishes to receive, such as 'D' for debugging, etc.
S SERVICE Unreal User is a service, and is protected.
S SSL Hybrid? Y Y User is connected via SSL/TLS
S STRIPCOLOR InspIRCd Strips control codes from messages to the user
t Z_LINED AustHex Y Y User is using an AustHex Z: line
t MODIFIED_HOST Unreal Y Y User is using a /vhost (modified host)
T W_LINED AustHex Y Y User is using an AustHex w: line
T BLOCK_CTCP Unreal Blocks all CTCP requests from other users
u UNAUTH Hybrid User receives unauthorized client connection notices
v HOST_HIDING AustHex Hide the host of the user, often with a hashed value. Some networks use 'mirroring', or masking with metacharacters. The letter 'v' comes from Austnet's 'Virtual World'. Be aware that use of +x for the same purpose is more wide-spread.
v VICTIM Unreal User receives messages regarding infected DCC rejections
V WEBTV Unreal User is using a WebTV client
w WALLOPS RFC1459 User receives WALLOPS messages
W WHOIS_PARANOIA Unreal User is receives a notice when WHOIS'd
W WEBIRC Hybrid? Designates this user is connected using a webirc gateway
x HOST_HIDING ircu, Unreal Hide the host of the user, often with a hashed value. Some networks use 'mirroring', or masking with metacharacters. Using the 'x' letter for this mode appears to be the most standard method for toggling masking user hosts.
x EXTERNAL Hybrid User receives notices about servers connecting/disconnecting. Hybrid now uses the 'e' character for this mode
y SPY Hybrid User receives LINKS, STATS (if configured) and TRACE notices
z OPERWALL Hybrid User receives operator generated WALLOPS messages
z SECURE_CONN Unreal User is securely connected
Z SECURED_ONLY Unreal Only allows clients connected via secure connections to talk with you (eg. TLS)