STATS Characters

Revision 0.10

Red denotes a conflicting stat definition, gray for deprecated (however quite possibly still in use), and blue for OK.

Char Name Origin Description
A dns Hybrid

Shows the DNS servers in use.

b nick delays Charybdis

Shows active nick delays.

b badword Unreal

Shows the badwords version list.

B hash stats Charybdis

Shows active hash statistics.

B banversion Unreal

Shows the ban version list.

c server connections RFC1459

Shows servers which this server is configured to connect to or allow connections from. Also known as ‘connect blocks’.

C channel-bans InspIRCd

Shows channel bans.

d temp-dlines Hybrid

Shows temporary DLINEs.

d dnsbl InspIRCd

Shows configured DNSBLs and related stats.

d denylinkauto Unreal

Shows the deny link (auto) block list.

D dlines Hybrid

Shows permanent DLINEs.

D denylinkall Unreal

Shows the deny link (all) list.

e exceptions Hybrid

Shows DLINE ban exceptions.

e exceptthrottle Unreal

Shows the except throttle block list.

E events Hybrid

Shows active timers and events (internal IRCd details).

E exceptban Unreal

Shows the except ban and except tkl block list.

f file descriptors Hybrid

Shows open file descriptors.

f spamfilter Unreal

Shows the spamfilter list.

F denydcc Unreal

Shows the deny dcc and allow dcc block lists.

g global klines Charybdis

Shows global KLINEs.

G geoip InspIRCd

Shows how many local users are connected from each country, according to GeoIP.

G gline Unreal

Shows the gline and gzline list.

h hubs-leafs RFC1459

Shows servers that either are forced to be treated as leaves or may act as hubs.

H shuns InspIRCd

Shows shuns.

i auth blocks RFC1459

Shows hosts that clients may connect from (also known as auth blocks or ILINEs).

I allow Unreal

Shows the allow block list.

j officialchans Unreal

Shows the official channels list.

k banned-userhosts RFC1459

Shows banned usernames/hostnames from that server.

k temp-klines Hybrid

Shows temporary KLINEs.

k klines InspIRCd

Shows KLINEs.

K klines Hybrid

Shows permanent KLINEs.

K kline Unreal

Shows KLINEs.

l connections RFC1459

Shows connections that server has open (including duration and traffic).

l hostname-info Hybrid

Shows the hostname and generic info of a given nickname.

l client-connections InspIRCd

Shows all client connections with information (sendq, commands, bytes, time connected).

l linkinfo Unreal

Shows ‘link information’.

L ip-info Hybrid

Shows the IP address and generic info of a given nickname.

L client-info InspIRCd

Shows all client connections with info and IP address.

L linkinfoall Unreal

Shows ‘all link information’.

m commands RFC1459

Shows the commands supported by the server, along with usage counts.

M commands Unreal

Shows the commands supported by the server, along with usage counts.

n dns blacklists Charybdis

Shows DNS blacklists.

n banrealname Unreal

Shows the ban realname block list.

o operator hosts RFC1459

Shows hosts from which clients can become operators. Some servers show operator blocks.

O privsets Charybdis

Shows privsets.

O opertypes InspIRCd

Shows opertypes and the allowed user/channel modes they can set. Seems similar to the above?

O oper Unreal

Shows the oper block list.

p connected opers Hybrid

Shows connected opers and their idle times.

p helpops ircd-seven

Shows all opers who have marked themselves available for help (set themselves umode +h).

p client-ports InspIRCd

Shows open client ports, and the port type (plaintext/TLS).

P ports Hybrid

Shows configured listen blocks (ports the server listens on).

P connected opers InspIRCd

Shows connected opers and their idle times.

q resv Hybrid

Shows RESV’d nicks and channels.

q temp-global-resv Charybdis

Shows temporary/global RESV’d nicks and channels.

q qlines InspIRCd

Shows nickmask bans.

q bannick Unreal

Shows the ban nick block list.

Q resv Charybdis

Shows RESV’d nicks and channels.

Q sqline Unreal

Shows the global QLINE list.

r resource-usage Charybdis

Shows resource usage.

r chanrestrict Unreal

Shows the channel deny/allow block list.

R regex-bans InspIRCd

Shows regular expression bans.

R usage Unreal

Shows usage information (debug).

s services Hybrid

Shows configured service blocks.

s filters InspIRCd

Shows filters.

s shun Unreal

Shows the shun list.

S ssld Charybdis

Shows SSLd processes.

S held-nicknames InspIRCd

Shows currently-held, registered nicknames.

S set Unreal

Shows the set block list.

t stats Hybrid

Shows generic server stats.

t tld Unreal

Shows the tld block list.

T motd-blocks Hybrid

Shows configured MOTD blocks.

T traffic InspIRCd

Shows traffic statistics.

u uptime RFC1459

Shows how long the server’s been up.

U ulines Hybrid

Shows configured shared and cluster blocks.

v connected-servers Hybrid

Shows connected servers and information about them (including idle time).

v denyver Unreal

Shows the denied client versions list.

V vhost Unreal

Shows the vhost block list.

W fdtable Unreal

Shows the file descriptor table.

x realname bans Hybrid

Shows realname bans.

x temp-global realname bans Charybdis

Shows temporary and global realname bans.

X realname bans Charybdis

Shows realname bans.

y class-lines RFC1459

Shows Y (class) lines from the server’s config?

Y class-lines InspIRCd

Shows connection classes.

z memory Hybrid

Shows memory stats.

Z zlines InspIRCd

Shows IP mask bans.

Z mem Unreal

Shows memory usage info.

? servers-sendqs Hybrid

Shows connected servers and SENDQ info about them.