Extended Bans

Revision 0.10

Red denotes a conflicting extban definition, gray for deprecated (however quite possibly still in use), and blue for OK.

Char Name Type Format Origin Description
a account Matching a[:<mask>] Charybdis

Matches all logged-in users, or if <mask> is given then only matches users who are logged in with the given account ('?' and '*' wildcards are parsed in <mask>).

A allowinvite Acting A:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks invites from matching users, even when inviting is not restricted to channel staff.

B blockcaps Acting B:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks all capital or nearly-entirely uppercase messages sent by matching users.

c channel Matching c:<channel> Charybdis

Matches users who are on the given channel. Only valid if the channel exists and is not set as secret or private.

c color Acting c:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks any messages that contain color codes from matching users.

C ctcp Acting C:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks CTCPs from matching users

j channel Matching j:<channel> InspIRCd

Matches users who are on the given channel.

m mute Acting m:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks messages from matching users (but does not block their messages if they have voice or higher).

N nicks Acting N:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks nick changes from matching users.

o opers Matching o Charybdis

Matches any IRC operator (useful with invite exceptions).

O opertype Matching O:<opertype> InspIRCd

Matches IRC operators with the given <opertype> (useful with invite exceptions).

p part Acting p:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks PART messages from matching users.

q quiet Acting q:<umask> Unreal

Blocks messages from matching users.

Q blockkicks Acting Q:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks KICKs by matching users.

r realname Matching r:<mask> Charybdis

Matches users with the given realname ('?' and '*' wildcards are parsed in <mask>).

R account Matching R:<account> InspIRCd

Matches users logged into the given account.

R registered Matching R Unreal

Matches if using a registered nick.

s server Matching s:<mask> Charybdis

Matches users connected to a server matching <mask> ('?' and '*' wildcards are parsed).

S stripcolors Acting S:<umask> InspIRCd

Strips colors/bold/underline from messages from matching users.

S tlscert Matching S:<certfp> Unreal

Matches users with the given certificate fingerprint.

T blocknotice Acting T:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks NOTICEs from matching users.

U unregistered Acting U:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks unregistered users matching <umask>.

z tlscert Matching z:<certfp> InspIRCd

Matches users with the given certificate fingerprint.