Extended Bans

Revision 0.10

Red denotes a conflicting extban definition, gray for deprecated (however quite possibly still in use), and blue for OK.

NOTE: Charybdis supports the ~ (tilde) modifier which can appear before the extban char to negate the match.

Char Name Type Format Origin Description
a account Matching a[:<mask>] Charybdis

Matches all logged-in users, or if <mask> is given then only matches users who are logged in with the given account ('?' and '*' wildcards are parsed in <mask>).

a user+realname Matching a:<umask>+<realname> InspIRCd 3.0

Matches users with the given usermask and realname ('?' and '*' wildcards are parsed in <umask> and <realname>).

A allowinvite Acting A:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks invites from matching users, even when inviting is not restricted to channel staff.

B blockcaps Acting B:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks all capital or nearly-entirely uppercase messages sent by matching users.

c channel Matching c:<channel> Charybdis

Matches users who are on the given channel. Only valid if the channel exists and is not set as secret or private.

c color Acting c:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks any messages that contain color codes from matching users.

C ctcp Acting C:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks CTCPs from matching users

j channel Matching j:<channel> InspIRCd

Matches users who are on the given channel.

m mute Acting m:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks messages from matching users (but does not block their messages if they have voice or higher).

m match Matching m:<umask> Charybdis

Performs a normal mask match. Allows for stacking with and and or combination operators

N nicks Acting N:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks nick changes from matching users.

o opers Matching o Charybdis

Matches any IRC operator (useful with invite exceptions).

O opertype Matching O:<opertype> InspIRCd

Matches IRC operators with the given <opertype> (useful with invite exceptions).

p part Acting p:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks PART messages from matching users.

q quiet Acting q:<umask> Unreal

Blocks messages from matching users.

Q blockkicks Acting Q:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks KICKs by matching users.

r realname Matching r:<mask> Charybdis

Matches users with the given realname ('?' and '*' wildcards are parsed in <mask>).

R account Matching R:<account> InspIRCd

Matches users logged into the given account.

R registered Matching R Unreal

Matches if using a registered nick.

s server Matching s:<mask> Charybdis

Matches users connected to a server matching <mask> ('?' and '*' wildcards are parsed).

S stripcolors Acting S:<umask> InspIRCd

Strips colors/bold/underline from messages from matching users.

S tlscert Matching S:<certfp> Unreal

Matches users with the given certificate fingerprint.

T blocknotice Acting T:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks NOTICEs from matching users.

U unregistered Acting U:<umask> InspIRCd

Blocks unregistered users matching <umask>.

z tlscert Matching z:<certfp> InspIRCd

Matches users with the given certificate fingerprint.

& and Matching &:<components> Charybdis

Combine component bans as ANDs. Allows for stacking extbans. Optional pair of parens around data. component bans are separated by commas, but commas between matching pairs of parens are skipped. Parens, commas and backslashes can be escaped by backslashes. A backslash before any character other than a paren or backslash is just a backslash (backslash and character are both used).

| or Matching |:<components> Charybdis

Combine component bans as ORs. See and